Lecture: The Night Sky Journey

On Monday March 18, 2019, Egyptologist Huub Pragt gave a lecture in Cairo.
This lecture was attended by students of Prof. Rehab Assem from the Tourism Guidance Department of ‘Helwan University’.

Location: Garden City.
This event was part of the clustered ‘Ancient Beliefs‘ program.

In his lecture Dutch Egyptologist Huub Pragt discussed ancient Egyptian believes. According to the views of the Egyptians, passing away formed a transition from this life here to a new life in the Realm of the Dead. At the time of death, the deceased began a difficult and dangerous boat trip to another reality called Duat. The daily sunset and sunrise played a major role in these religious believes. Every deceased person was equated with the night figure of the sun god Ra. In the middle of the night a mystical amalgamation came into being with the god of the Duat, Osiris. This allowed the dead to transform into Horus, the son of Osiris. At the end of the night sky journey the deceased will be reborn as Ra-Horus from the body of the sky goddess Nut. In the first hour of the day there will be dealt with the greatest enemy of the sun god, the snake Apopis.




Monday March 18 2019


Helwan University, Faculty of Tourism, Garden City – Cairo.


11 am


00.50 pm