Lecture ‘Masaharta and his wealthy family’

Free admission

On Friday March 22nd 2019, Egyptologist Huub Pragt will give a lecture of 90 minutes in the Mummification Museum in Luxor. Start at 7 pm.
This event is part of the clustered ‘Ancient Beliefs‘ program.


In a 90-minute lecture, Egyptologist Huub Pragt will take you to Luxor from 3000 years ago, ancient Thebes. High Priest of Amun Masaharta was the eldest son of the second Theban Pharaoh of the 21st Dynasty, Pinodjem I. It was a time period where two kings ruled over Egypt. The political power lay in northern Tanis. The economic power lay in southern Thebes. Pinodjem I did not rule from Thebes, but founded a new residence in Middle Egypt on the strategically located hill Teudjoi, the present-day El-Hibah. This is where his intended heir to the throne Masaharta grew up. Before Pinodjem became king, in his function as the High Priest of Amun, he started an extremely secret and extensive project in the Theban mountains. He had the royal mummies in the Valley of the Kings secured by putting them in cachettes. From the beginning of his reign Pinodjem appointed his son Masaharta as the High Priest of Amun in Thebes. He ordered Masaharta to continue the secret mummy project there. Masaharta had the unfinished tomb KV4 of Ramses XI used as a studio for the reassembly of the royal mummies. The gold and silver valuables were reused for the sepulture of the family members of Masaharta. The obese Masaharta had poor health and died prematurely. The office of High Priest of Amun was eventually taken over by his brother Menkheperra. He continued the project in the Valley of the Kings for many years. After the death of his father Pinodjem, Menkheperra became the Theban king.


Friday March 22nd, 2019.


Lecture hall of the Mummification Museum, Corniche el-Nil East bank Luxor.

Start time and duration

7.00 pm until 8.30 pm


All ages. The lecture hall of the Mummification Museum has a capacity of 60 people.