House of Life Healing Conference 2022

In February 2022, Huub Pragt will be staying in Egypt to lead the English spoken tour Wonders of Egypt. Everyone in the world can sign up for this one week special trip. It is emphasized that the company Huub Pragt Egyptoloog is not a travel agency. Participants will therefore have to take care of their own transport towards and from Egypt. Posterior to this trip Huub Pragt will present two lectures as part of the Abydos Healing Conference 2022 program. He will also guide a visit to the temple of Hathor at Dendera and three visits to monuments in Abydos.


Lectures and guided tours

Egyptologist Huub Pragt will present two lectures and will guide four tours during the House of Life Healing Conference 2021.

Extra informatie

House of Life

The House of life is a hotel accommodation in the village of Abydos in Middle Egypt. It has 44 double rooms. Each room a has a bathroom and a balcony and is equipped with television and air-conditioning, cooker, and a refrigerator. The rooms are located in chalets or in a three floor building around a swimming pool. On top of each chalet there is a roof terrace.

Healing Conference 2022

House of Life Healing Conference is being held from Monday February 21st until Sunday February 27th 2022. It will be a week full of encounters and exchanges. Everyone who is interested in Egyptology, Egyptian Art and ancient Egyptian healing there will be ultimate opportunities to meet each other, to share ideas and to gain knowledge.