Guided Tour in Karnak ‘The Residency of Amun’


On Friday March 22nd 2019, Egyptologist Huub Pragt will guide a tour entitled ‘The Residency of Amun’ at the temple of Karnak in Luxor, starting from 9 am. The gathering point is in front of the temple of Karnak. The entrance fees to the temple and the Open Air Museum are included.
This event is part of the clustered ‘Ancient Beliefs‘ program.

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Guided tour

In a three hour tour Huub Pragt will guide you along the monuments of the temple of Karnak, dedicated to the Theban god Amun. Almost all great pharaohs have added structures to this religious building complex. The construction of the impressive hypostyle hall started under Seti I and was completed by his son Ramesses II. Much attention will be paid to the special rooms that were constructed during the reign of queen Hatshepsut. She raised a pylon and erected two enormous obelisks made from granite. The Akhmenu temple of her stepson Thutmoses III will also be admired. In the Open Air Museum we will visit the Red Kiosk of Hatshepsut. The White Kiosk of Senwosret I is one of the oldest structures in the whole temple complex. Built of fine limestone, it was erected to commemorate the King’s Jubilee. It stands on a substructure and is approached by ramps. Also the alabaster chapels of Amenhotep I and Thutmose III will extensively be admired.


Friday March 22nd, 2019.


Karnak temple, East bank Luxor. The gathering point is in front of the temple.

Start time and duration

9.00 am until 12.00 pm


All ages. Maximum number is 24 people.

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