Guided Tour: The cenotaph temple of Seti I

Date: Tuesday February 22nd, 2022
Location: The temple of Seti I at Abydos
Start: 03:00 PM
End: 05:00 PM

This guided tour by Egyptologist Huub Pragt is part of the House of Life Healing Conference 2022.


The cenotaph temple of Seti I

The cenotaph temple of Seti I is approached through the two outer courts. The facade of the temple consists of seven passageways between limestone pillars. These doors were blocked and decorated during the reign of Ramses II, son of Seti I. At the rear of the temple there are seven shrines dedicated to Seti I, Ptah, Ra-Horakhty, Amun, Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Once the cult image of each god was in its respective chapel. The scenes in these cult rooms are quite similar. An exception is made to the chapel dedicated to Seti I, where Pharaoh enters the sanctuary, preceded by a sem-priest with the lock of youth and wearing the leopard skin. The reliefs in the sanctuary of Amun are also notable for their well-preserved colours. The Osiris Chapel is devoted almost exclusively to the various forms of this god of the afterlife. The south wing contains the shrines of the Memphite gods Ptah-Sokar and his son Nefertem. By far the most important feature is the Gallery of the Kings. This gradually ascending corridor shows the famous Abydos Pharaoh List, which has provided important information on the sequence of Egyptian rulers. It represents Seti I with an incense burner. From a papyrus roll Crown Prince Ramesses recites the 76 names of the former pharaohs.

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Tuesday February 22nd, 2022


The temple of Seti I at Abydos.


03:00 PM


05:00 PM