Guided Tour ‘Splendors of Giza’


On Thursday March 21st 2019, Egyptologist Huub Pragt will guide an English spoken tour on the Giza Plateau. All entrance fees and a hot lunch are included to this tour. This three-hour guided tour is done entirely on foot. To participate a good physical condition is required.
This event is part of the clustered ‘Ancient Beliefs‘ program.

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Guided tour

In a three hour tour on the plateau of Giza Dutch Egyptologist Huub Pragt will guide you along the splendors of the Old Kingdom. The three pyramids of Giza are built for kings from the 4th Dynasty. Numerous courtiers and relatives of the kings were buried in so called mastabas on the Giza plateau. Some of these rectangular constructions have been opened to the public. In our tour we will first visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Than we will enter the mastaba of Meresankh III, the queen of king Khafra. The solar boat of Khufu has been reconstructed from loose planks and has been well preserved. We will see the boat in a museum specially built for this purpose. We will make a small walk through the desert sand towards a wonderful panorama point where you can see the three pyramids behind each other. We end our expedition with a visit to the valley temple that belongs to the pyramid complex of pharaoh Khafra. Standing on the causeway that runs from the temple towards the pyramid, we will get a fantastic view of the sphinx. This monument was carved out of lthe imestone rock during the reign of Khafra. It somehow must have had the shape of a lion’s body due to the natural proces of wind and water erosion. The sculpted head of the sphinx has been severely damaged over the centuries. An inscription is left behind on the large granite stela between the forepaws of the sphinx. It mentions how the later pharaoh Thutmoses IV was sleeping in the shadow of the sphinx and dreamed that he was promised the kingship when he would free the sphinx from the many sands.
After our tour a hot lunch will be served on the first floor of the Abou Shakra restaurant. We will not only enjoy the excellent meal, but also the beautiful view over Giza.


Thursday March 21st, 2019.


Giza Plateau. The gathering point is the lobby of the Mena House.

Start time and duration

8.00 am until 13.30 pm including lunch


All ages. A good physical condition is required to participate. Maximum number is 24 people.

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