Guided tour: Hathor, the Celestial Cow

On Sunday February 2oth, 2022 the participants in the House of Life Healing Conference 2022 are invited by Egyptologist Huub Pragt to attend this free pre-conference guided tour of the temple of Hathor at Dendera. Transportation costs and the entrance fee to the temple are not included. The tour will start at 11:00 AM.
At the beginning of the evening, the opening ceremony to conference will be held at the House of Life in Abydos. Huub Pragt will be a guest speaker for the next four days.


Hathor, the Celestial Cow

Hathor is one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt. She fulfills a protective role not only for all Egyptians, but also for the deceased. She has cult chapels in temples of other gods all over the country. Dendera houses the main temple of Hathor, where she has been worshiped since the Old Kingdom. However, the current building dates from the Ptolemaic Period. Hathor can be imaged as a cow or a woman with a cow’s head. More often she has the face of a woman with cow ears and cow horns with the sun disk clamped between them. Hathor is the goddess of the celestial sky. In that sense she is in close relationship with the sky goddess Nut. The astronomical ceiling in the temple’s pronaos depicts Nut about to gobble up the evening sun. In the morning she gives birth to the sun and the first rays of sunlight fall on the temple of Hathor. The carved disk, now in the Louvre Museum, depicting the zodiac, is a well-known Egyptian bas relief. A cast of its original has been inserted into the ceiling of one of the six cult chapels dedicated to Osiris. These are located on the roof of the temple in Dendera. Hathor is also known as the goddess of song, dance, love, sexuality, eroticism, music, motherhood, and fertility. At her temple we therefore find a mammisi, a birth chapel. Women were supposed to come to this shrine to give birth.

Extra informatie


Sunday February 20th, 2022.


Hathor temple at Dendera. The gathering point is the parking lot in front of the ticket office.

Start time and duration

11.00 AM until 02.00 PM


Only the participants in the House of Life Healing Conference 2022 are invited to attend this free pre-conference guided tour.