This course consists of two lessons of two hours. It will be taught in Cairo by the Dutch Egyptologist Huub Pragt on Tuesday March 19th 2019. The costs are intentionally kept low so that anyone interested in this specialist subject can participate.

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If you need more information or if you would like to follow this course, please have a look at Egypt Exploration Society | Amduat.
You can reach Huub Pragt
or call +31 (0)6-12162042.
The deadline for signing up is Thursday March 14th 2019.
This event is part of the clustered ‘Ancient Beliefs‘ program.

The Ancient Egyptian cosmological treatise Amduat describes the realm which the boat of the sun god Ra traverses during the twelve hours of the night. During the New Kingdom these magical texts and representations were applied to the walls of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Already from the Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts it appears that the Duat was seen as a watery area within the body of Nut, the goddess of the sky. When Ra goes down in the West, he is swallowed up by Nut. The vanished sun then makes a difficult and invisible voyage back along the stars towards the East. The deceased Pharaoh who is equaled to the night manifestation of the sun god undergoes a regenerative process. The difficult nightly journey of the sun can be regarded as the process of pregnancy that is taking place in the body of Nut. Eventually a renewed sun will be born at dawn.

For many years Huub Pragt has been directing his educational institute on Egyptology in The Netherlands. Every participant will receive the syllabus entitled ‘Amduat’ that will be used during the course.

This one-day course can be combined with the one-day Masterclass Book of Gates that takes place a day later.

Class day

Tuesday March 19th 2019

Class Times

1 PM – 3 PM
30 minutes coffee break
3.30 PM – 5.30 PM


The Egypt Exploration Society Cairo Office, 192 Gamal Abd El-Nasser Rd (Corniche el-Nil), Agouza Cairo. The office is housed in the building of the British Council in Egypt.


EES Members: € 12,50 or 250 Egyptian pounds.
Student EES members: € 10,- or 200 Egyptian pounds.
Non-EES members: € 17,50 or 350 Egyptian pounds.
Student non-members: € 15,- 300 Egyptian pounds.